The team

We are a network of more than 50 volunteers organised in ten working teams, that have been working since March 2020 to secure the production, donation and distribution of food and essential sanitary supplies to safeguard good health and food security throughout the crisis.

Our Local Network

We are partnered with more than ten community-based organizations that work directly with marginalised communities living in informal settlements in zone 3, 7 of Guatemala City and Villa Canales. We are working together to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on 500+ vulnerable families in Guatemala City.

Camino Seguro
Plantando Semillas
Dejando Huella
Iniciativa Guatemala
Futbol KY
Casa del Alfarero
Fundación Guatemala
Sigo Vivo
Esperanza Renovada

Strategic Partners

We coordinate and develop tools, strategies and actions with a network of five strategic partnerships that include organizations with expertise in project management, fund administration, volunteer recruitment, logistics and community participation and diagnostics. Together we have strengthened our work and our impact.


Principles that guide our humanitarian assistance