Our priority is to provide critical food supplies to families in need


Ways to help

Donate $60 or more to cover the cost of one monthly food basket that will provide a family of six members with necessary nutrients for one month during the COVID 19 crisis (or two families for 15 days). We work with large-scale supplier partners who give us low discounted prices for the large scale of the purchase.

Each basket contains food products that guarantee the nutritional security of a family for a full month. Nutritional support NOW can ensure minimum health and food security conditions for the coming months.



Donation options:

The donate button will take you to VisaLink, a secure platform that will allow you to donate through your Visa credit or debit card in very easy and few steps. You can also donate vía Planting Seeds International.


RESI Ambasadors


We encourage you to contact our ambassadors. They have direct communication to our Bank account and make a transfer once a month to Guatemala. This allows us to avoid transfer charges and have a better rate of exchange to our national currency.

UK - Tracy Gordon
UK - Anabel Butler
NL - Alejandra Calderón
USA - María Escobar
NO - Mariandre Navas
DEU - Claudia del Cid
FR - Coralie Verspieren
USA - Johny Walker
UK - Luisa Yax
SO - Stephanie Ponsa


Active crowdfunding


Thanks for your support from may to December 2020, we are no longer receiving donations.