Frequently Asked Questions

1. What motivated the RESI team to set up this initiative?
We are a group of young professionals motivated by a great sense of social responsibility. We believe that by creating a local solidiary network that brings together civil society organisations, the private sector and members of the public, we can take concrete steps towards social transformation in Guatemala.

2. Where can I donate?
Planting Seeds International, one of our partner organizations enabled a link where you can donate directly to RESI in any part of the world. Please, go to their website:

3. How am I sure if they received my donation?
We encourage you to send us your proof of deposit to in order for us to thank you and help us with our administrative procedures.

4. For how long is RESI going to be active?
We have a work plan designed to be developed during the projections of the first and second SARS-CoV-2 epidemic outbreaks between May and December 2020.

5. How many families do you support?
Our initial goal is to provide monthly support to 500 families, starting in May 2020. Then, depending on the donation support we receive, we estimate to gradually increase.

6. What does the basket contain?
The one-month food basket to support a family of 6 people (3 minors, 2 adults and 1 senior) for one month contains: 13 bags 450g. soy beverage, 20 lb. beans, 20 lb. corn flour, 10 lb. rice, 20 pasta pack 230grs, 10 lb. sugar, 1-liter cooking oil. As a complement, vegetables and plants will be included in the baskets.

7. Where can I donate ?
Planting Seeds International, one of our partner organizations enabled a link where you can donate directly to RESI in any part of the world. Please, go to their website:

8. How do I ensure that this is a trustable initiative?
We are working jointly with many partner organizations as Perpendicular, CARTI, Synaptica and organizations in field Plantando Semillas, Camino Seguro, Iniciativa Guatemala, Fútbol Calle, Sigo Vivo, Dejando Huellas, Casa del Alfarero, Fundación Guatemala , Esperanza Renovada, Qaxal. You can visit their websites and learn about their work during the past years in Guatemala. Additionally, we will be sharing monthly reports in our Newsletter and blog to communicate our progress every month and other articles where RESI is being exposed national or internationally.

9. How do you select your ambassadors, and how am I sure that the person who I am talking to is an official ambassador?
All ambassadors are published on our webpage and social media. There you can find their direct contact with them on their facebook, linkedin, accounts. Please, make sure the person who you are talking to is officially registered. If you have any doubts please contact, or donate directly to the website of Planting Seeds International:

10. Do ambassadors charge a fee?
We are a network of professionals who are volunteering because we want to help families in Guatemala. Therefore, we do not charge for all the work we do at RESI. There are only three people that are receiving a salary: production coordinator, logistics coordinator and operations coordinator. The salaries are paid thanks to a fund we acquire with ActionAid Denmark. All the money that you donate goes directly to the families.

11. Which role do ambassadors play?
Ambassadors have two key roles for RESI: 1. They are in charge of sharing information related to RESI to possible donors and help us to solve any doubt. 2. They are in charge of promoting RESI in different ways in their home countries. We provide a kit to them with diverse ideas that they could implement to encourage donations.